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Our Liaisons

Helping consumers with powerful partnerships

The Wireless Power Consortium constantly seeks opportunities to cooperate with government agencies, industry associations and standards development organizations to help foster the use of wireless power transfer technologies for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

The Wireless Power Consortium has liaison agreements with the following organizations:

  • Korea Wireless Power Forum (KWPF). The Korea Wireless Power Forum researches new frequencies, regulations and applications for wireless power transfer and cooperates between members for the standardization.
  • Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA). The Korea Radio Promotion Association creates standard technologies and coordinates with government in the area of frequency and regulation policies for the activation of wireless power transfer in Korea.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a U.S. government agency that manages the ENERGY STAR program. This program establishes energy efficiency requirements for products that wish to earn the ENERGY STAR rating, including battery charging systems.
  • Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS). TAICS is a non-governmental organization and non-profit standards development organization. TAICS facilitate collaborative development of standards for Taiwan ICT industry, actively interact with or participate in international standards development organizations, and to recommend new standards for consideration for local, regional and global adoption.
  • NFC Forum. NFC Forum is a non-profit membership organization formed to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology in consumer electronics, mobile devices and personal computers by: developing specifications; ensuring interoperability among devices and services; ensuring that products claiming NFC capabilities comply with NFC Forum specifications; and educating the market about such technology.
  • SAC/TC46 SC16. Subcommittee 16 on Wireless Power Household Electric Appliances of National Technical Committee 46 on Household Electric Appliances of Standardization Administration of China. SAC/TC46 SC16 is the only subcommittee authorized by SAC to develop Chinese national or industrial standards on wireless power household or similar appliances.
  • Broadband Wireless Forum (BWF). The Broadband Wireless Forum is a Japanese industry group aiming to sound advancement of new radio systems and services.
  • QCSDA of CCIA and Secretariat of EES. QCSDA of CCIA uses the latest and most stringent standards as the basis for testing samples, and products that pass the test will be awarded "OPJ logo". OPJ applications include mobile phone peripheral products and other communications consumer products. EES is a standardization organization consisting of manufacturers, research institutes, consumers, regulatory bodies etc.  EES carries out standardization activities in the field of safety for audio/video, information and communication technology equipment.