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The idea behind Qi is simple: all devices with the Qi logo will work with all Qi chargers. That’s it. No need for separate chargers, no need for cables, and no need for adapters when traveling. Qi is a global standard – this means that your device can be charged wirelessly wherever you are.

Qi is the proven leader in wireless charging. Qi has unrivaled reach, delivers the best user experience, and is moving the fastest to bring new wireless charging innovations to market.

What users say about Qi

"Once you have a wireless charger around, then using it becomes second nature, you top-up more often than you would. It’s one tiny hassle removed from the day. The phone doesn’t need to be carefully aligned with the plate, so you just plunk it down and let it charge."


"If you've got a couple of Qi chargers you really, really do appreciate the convenience."


"I will admit to believing it was a gimmick at first. 6 months later, it is a necessity. I love the wireless features, and would never buy another phone without it."


"We're big fans of the wireless charging ability, as it puts an end to fumbling around in the dark for a cable and then taking 20 attempts to finally get it plugged in."


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Wireless charging infrastructure for the mobile world

With Qi you no longer have to carry separate chargers for each of your devices. Take your Qi-enabled devices with you, and simply find your closest charging station when you’re low on power – you’ll find them in offices, hotels, airports, railway stations and coffee shops. Qi charging stations are set to become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi hotspots, and soon the Qi logo will become a major consideration for consumers looking to buy a new device.

The logo

Qi takes its name from the traditional Chinese concept of intangible flow of power; the word literally means “vital energy”. The logo is a guarantee that your device can be wirelessly charged wherever you go. The logo is simple yet noticeable – you’ll find it on all kinds of portable devices and packaging.

Are Qi products already available?

The number of available Qi products is constantly growing. There are over hundreds of certified products ranging from devices to components; ask your local electronics retailer or browse these using our certified product database.

I work on product development and would like to start using Qi. How do I go about it?

All Qi-enabled products are certified in one of our test labs. In order to get your product certified, you must first be a Wireless Power Consortium member. As a member you can use the Qi trademark at no additional cost.

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