What we do

Our Dream

Our member-companies believe that wireless charging is a better way of charging. Much more convenient than plugging in a wire with connector. We want to see wireless charging adopted in all battery operated products.

Our  Mission

Our member-companies believe that wireless chargers must be compatible. Consumers don't value chargers that work with one phone and not with another phone. We want to establish a global standard for wireless charging that makes all wireless chargers compatible with all phones and other battery operated products.

Our way of working

Our member-companies believe in creating a level playing field, where competitors can contribute ideas and solutions. Global standards can only be set when competitors agree the minimum technical specifications needed to guarantee compatibilty of their products. Our members cooperate to set the standard, and then compete in the market with products that have different features, performance levels, and pricing - but they are all compatible. Really a level playing field.

The Wireless Power Consortium is managed by the member-companies. All regular members have voting rights. Each regular  member company has one vote in the board of management (called "Steering Group"). The board of management has representatives of  competitors in semiconductors, mobile phones, consumer electronics, and wireless power technology specialists. Really an open cooperation.