Work plans and developer tools

Learn how the Wireless Power Consortium is improving and extending the capabilities of Qi

The current Qi low power specification, which includes two multi-coil arrays, a moving coil and fixed single coil transmitters, gives manufacturers the power to choose their own transmitter designs. There are over 28 approved transmitter types.

WPC members have proposed several new transmitter types that will enable further innovation and prevent incompatibilities with existing Qi power receivers. Click here for full details.

Here’s a brief look at how the Qi standard is evolving:

  • Extension to 15 watts. The Qi low power specification now guarantees the delivery of 5 watts into Qi receivers. We are creating a certification program for Qi transmitters that can deliver up to 15 watts and 10-watt systems are now available. This increased power level supports rapid phone charging and higher-power devices.
  • Extension to 120 watts.  Next on our agenda is an extension that will deliver up to 120 watts. That extension will be created after the release of the 15-watt extension.
  • Charging at a distance. Using tuned-resonance technology, Qi is adding the ability to charge existing Qi receivers at up to 35mm. This innovation allows the Qi transmitter to be mounted below the surface of a desk, table or counter and turns that surface into a charging area.
  • Wireless Power in Kitchens. Appliances without cables and connectors will deliver a safer, more flexible and convenient cooking environment. Powering this new way of cooking will be wireless power delivering up to 2,000 watts.

Developer Tools

We encourage you to visit the WPC member list to gain access to a variety of test tools and engineering services.