The Work Plan

The Wireless Power Consortium is committed to improve and extend the Qi wireless power specifications.

Further increase in design freedom for wireless power products

The current version of the Qi low power specifications allows a range of possible transmitter designs. The first version of the specification allowed four types of transmitters. Two multi-coil arrays, a moving coil, and fxed single coil transmitters. And each type allows different shapes and sizes where manufacturers can make their own trade off between cost, user experience, and design.

We are now further increasing the freedom in transmitter design. Members of the consortium have proposed several new transmitter types. These new types are added to the specification when analysis has shown that the new transmitter will not cause incompatibilities with the existing Qi power receivers.

We will continue to add new transmitter types. For details see: Here you can read how we make sure that new transmitters will not cause incompatibilities. 

Extension to 10-15 Watt

The Qi low power specification now guarantees the delivery of 5 Watt into Qi receivers. We are creating a certification program for Qi transmitters that can deliver up to 15 Watt. These Qi transmitters provide rapid phone charging.

Extension to 120 Watt

Next on our agenda is an extension that will deliver up to 120 Watt. That extension will be created after the release of the 15 Watt extension.

Wireless Power in Kitchens

Cable- and connector-free appliances make kitchens safer, more convenient, and provide a whole new way of working with appliances. These applances need significant power to drive motors and cook food. Wireless kitchen power will deliver up to 2 kW.