The Qi logo

Logo Trademark License

You need a trademark license to use the logo  on any product, on product packaging, or in commercial documents. The terms and conditions for the Qi trademark license are described in the Qi logo license agreement.

A review copy of that agreement is available as download from this website. See

The main points of the logo license agreement are:

  • The logo license is available only to members of the Wireless Power Consortium. To join the WPC see:
  • Licensees do not have to pay a fee for use of the logo, other than the normal annual membership fee.
  • All products must be certified by an independent test lab.
  • Products that are substantially similar to a previously certified product don’t need re-certification.

All products authorized to carry the Qi logo can be found in the “Certified Product Database” on our website at 

If a product with the Qi logo on product or packing cannot be found in the Certified Product Database, you must assume that the product is not licensed. In that case, ask your supplier to register the product on the website before you buy the product.

Fully Compliant Subsystems

A “Fully Compliant Subsystem” means a Qi-compliant product that is designed for integration into a larger system with substantially broader functionality such as, for example, furniture or a car. Manufactuerers of systems that contain a Fully Compliant Subsystems may, under certain conditions, use the logo on their system without signing the Qi logo trademark license agreement. See clause 2.3 of the Logo Trademark License Agreement.

Logo display guidelines

The Wireless Power Logo must always be used as described in the Qi Logo Display Guidelines and as provided in the electronic files that are available as download from the website of the Consortium. Variations and additions are strictly forbidden. Any user-created additions, deletions or modifications to any part of Qi logo and its additions are strictly forbidden.