Guidelines for Automotive Aftermarket Chargers

The Wireless Power Consortium has developed guidelines to assist developers of wireless chargers for the automotive aftermarket, the Guidelines for Automotive Aftermarket Chargers. These guidelines will help you make attractive Qi automotive chargers that deliver the promise of Qi.  

These guidelines apply to low power (5 watts or less) aftermarket automotive wireless powered transmitters and address safety, emissions, and vehicle interface.  

Qi-certified products that meet all requirements in these guidelines may claim: “Meets Qi Automotive Aftermarket Guidelines”, subject to clause 8 of the Qi Logo Usage Guidelines.

Qi-certified products don't have to comply with these guidelines but to make the above claim, a product must be Qi-certified and must comply with these guidelines.  Compliance testing to these guidelines can be self-evaluated (no third party audit required). You can search the Certified Product Database for products that meet the Guidelines for Automotive Aftermarket Chargers.

Automotive OEM products may also meet these guidelines but the individual OEM requirements will often exceed the requirements in these guidelines.