Qi Momentum Propels on Heels of CES 2015

Posted on Wednesday 28 January 2015, by Carissa Cotner

Qi Momentum Propels on Heels of CES 2015

The Qi wireless charging standard has been around since 2008, when a group of innovative companies formed the Wireless Power Consortium. The WPC quickly understood that businesses and consumers needed a simple, open wireless power standard to deliver affordable and quality products.

Like all new standards such as WiFi or USB, it has taken some time for a leading wireless charging standard to emerge, but that time has finally arrived. During the recent 2015 CES Show in Las Vegas, it was clear that the WPC’s original vision for a safe, simple and highly efficient wireless charging standard for the masses is becoming a reality.

Consider these facts:
• 200 WPC member companies in 20 countries now offer Qi products
• There are now more than 600 Qi certified products
• More than 50 million Qi devices are already in the market
• Over 70 smartphones from top handset manufacturers use Qi
• There are now 15 models of cars on roads around the world that have integrated Qi charging

These facts were brought to life at CES, where companies from a huge spectrum of industries showed eager consumers an array of useful Qi products that cut the last cord and eliminate battery anxiety in just about any location.

Automaker Audi, for instance, demonstrated a functioning Qi-enabled center console charger for its automobiles at CES. Audi is a member of the German auto consortium CE4A, which includes BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW, which has already chosen Qi as the de facto wireless charging standard.

Qi is also powering up the fast-food experience with the agreement between WPC member Aircharge and McDonald’s UK to add 600 wireless charging hotspots to more than 50 McDonald’s restaurants in and around London.

The visitor questions at this year’s WPC CES booth were another reflection of just how far Qi has come. While a basic education was in order in previous years, many people this year had a good understanding of Qi’s progress and saw it in action as both a closely coupled and loosely coupled system. Our demonstrations in the Qi Café and the Qi Hotel provided a glimpse into the reality of how Qi is being rolled out in public spaces, office buildings, restaurants and hotels.

While people sift through the standards debate and “FUD” by other market players, WPC members have remained focused on delivering innovative, real-world wireless charging solutions with Qi: products that work, continue to gain adoption and evolve to meet future demand and real-world applications.

Clearly, Qi is already a robust, proven standard with a great deal to offer to technology developers, businesses and consumers. It was evident at CES 2015, where many Qi products were announced from companies like Belkin, Toshiba, TYLT, Verizon and others.  Manufacturers and consumers can feel confident that the Qi wireless power ecosystem is gaining the critical mass it needs.  I look forward to witnessing and sharing more examples of this momentum in the coming months with Mobile World Congress 2015 and with numerous milestones to follow.

Qi at Mobile World Congress

Posted on Monday 26 January 2015, by Carissa Cotner

Qi at Mobile World Congress

Didn’t get enough of Qi at CES? The Wireless Power Consortium will be at Mobile World Congress from 2-5 March 2015. Stop by Booth 5C41 Hall 5 to fuel up with fresh coffee and top up your phone with wireless charging. There will also be a raffle for a Nokia phone that comes ready with Qi!

Wireless Charging in Automotive That Is Here and Now

Posted on Thursday 8 January 2015, by Carissa Cotner

Wireless Charging in Automotive That Is Here and Now

Qi was been chosen by the German auto consortium CE4A for use in Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW.  The cars pictured below are available on the market and have Qi technology to wirelessly charge your car on the go.

Consumers are loving it: McDonald’s to add 600 Qi wireless charging spots in the UK

Posted on Wednesday 7 January 2015, by Carissa Cotner

Consumers are loving it: McDonald’s to add 600 Qi wireless charging spots in the UK

The king of fast food convenience is making the dining experience even better with Qi wireless charging in the United Kingdom. At CES 2015, Aircharge announced an expanded partnership with McDonald’s UK to add 600 wireless charging hotspots at more than 50 McDonald’s restaurants in London and elsewhere.

The expanded rollout comes after a successful initial market test between Aircharge and McDonald’s UK aimed at delivering additional value to customers, while also benefitting the McDonald’s operation.

According to a report from one McDonald’s location, customers were clamoring to access the Qi wireless charging service, prompting many to wait up to 30 minutes so they could.

The Aircharge charging spots were specially designed to be water resistant and easy to wipe clean – perfect for a public environment like a restaurant. And because they’re using Qi, many consumers already have devices that are ready to charge. There are already more than 70 Qi-enable smartphones on the market. During the rollout, Aircharge worked with Desireitnow for data layer support.

Even customers who don’t have a Qi-enabled smartphone can use the provided Aircharge wireless charging receiver. So next time you’re in the UK, make sure you get a wireless charge to go with your chips!

For more information, visit

Leading wireless power Industry analyst joins WPC member Aircharge

Posted on Wednesday 7 January 2015, by John Perzow

Leading wireless power Industry analyst joins WPC member Aircharge

We had chance to catch up with Ryan Sanderson, recognized as the leading market analyst for wireless power in his former position at IHS. Ryan has just joined Aircharge, a UK-based company and charter member of the WPC Infrastructure Applications Group (IAG) focussed on bringing wireless charging to the office, home and public spaces. We asked Ryan a few questions regarding his new position:

Q: What prompted your move from a research role at IHS to a commercial development role with Aircharge?

I first started analyzing the wireless power market in 2009 and I’ve always been fascinated by the technology and the concept of removing the wire. I firmly believe that wireless charging will become mainstream and this is a great opportunity for me to be part of the rapidly evolving wireless power ecosystem and play a pivotal role in its rollout.

Q: Why did you choose Aircharge?

One of my biggest frustrations with the wireless power market is the huge amount of companies that are sitting back and waiting to see how the market evolves before deploying products. Aircharge already have wireless charging deployments in over 80 locations in the UK, including Vodafone UK headquarters and pilots currently active in a number of UK based McDonald’s restaurants and Ladbrokes betting and gaming outlets. In addition, it has a range of accessories that enable wireless charging with a strong focus on consumer experience and compatibility throughout its range.

Q: Aircharge have a large presence at CES on the WPC stand. What is on show?

We have twenty Aircharge wireless charging points that attendees can come and try out. The charging points are compatible with any of the 70 plus smartphones that are already Qi enabled, and our Aircharge “dongles” will enable any phone, which isn’t already compatible. Aircharge also is demonstrating how it can provide synergy between wireless charging and the use of other emerging technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and NFC to provide identification, networking and contactless payment, enabling the integration of fundamental functions that we will all come to rely on in the future. Come and visit booth SL-2 for a demonstration.

Wireless Power Consortium and Qi Fast Facts

Posted on Tuesday 6 January 2015, by John Perzow

Wireless Power Consortium and Qi Fast Facts

On the eve of CES, check out some fast facts about the WPC below:

Founded in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium is backed by more than 200 leading companies – and growing – that support the Qi (chee) wireless charging standard. These companies innovate across a diverse range of industries, including mobile and consumer electronics, batteries, semiconductors, components, wireless operators, furniture, and automotive manufacturers. As an open organization, WPC members collaborate on Qi to ensure safety, compatibility and ease of use.
Around the world, Qi delivers power when and where users need it without clumsy cables – and it’s available now. Qi just works and it’s where users need power most – homes, airports, automobiles, hotels, restaurants, and more. Simply set your Qi-enabled device on any Qi charger (charging pad or embedded charger in countertops, furniture or car consoles) to keep it powered. If it has the Qi logo, any receiver will work with any transmitter, no matter the manufacturer.

The technology
• Qi is an established, evolving wireless charging standard that supports inductive and resonant charging, while ensuring full backward compatibility with all Qi devices.
• Qi is capable of scaling from less than 1 watt to over 1,000 watts of power, enabling countless products and applications.
• Qi fully supports the capability to charge multiple devices at once with full spatial freedom.

The ecosystem
• More than 210 WPC member companies in 20 countries are designing and creating Qi product that are offered across the globe.
• Members include IKEA, Verizon, Samsung, Motorola, Philips, Haier, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Freescale, MediaTek, PowerbyProxy, ConvenientPower, Aircharge, Delphi Automotive, Leggett & Platt, among others.
• There are more than 600 Qi certified products on the market
• Qi has a global installed base of 50+ million devices
• More than 70 smartphones are Qi-enabled from a range of today’s top handset manufacturers.
• There is a worldwide network of WPC-authorized certification labs to ensure that products bearing the Qi logo are always backward compatible and interoperable.

Important links:
CES Microsite: 

Marriott Woos with Wireless Power

Posted on Thursday 13 November 2014, by John Perzow

WPC members are making their way into hotels and Hoteliers attract tech-savvy millennials with Qi. As Elise Ackerman writes in Forbes “… launched this month, portable cubes that allow for both (Qi) wireless and wired charging were distributed to 29 properties...

Marriott Woos with Wireless Power

WPC members are making their way into hotels and Hoteliers attract tech-savvy millennials with Qi.  As Elise Ackerman writes in Forbes  “… launched this month, portable cubes that allow for both (Qi) wireless and wired charging were distributed to 29 properties. Guests can pick up a cube, made by (WPC member) Kube Systems, from the desk in the lobby and charge their devices while they work, drink or socialize. Dail (Michael Dail, Marriott Global Brand Marketing Lead) said the pilot is a response to requests from customers with a seemingly insatiable appetite for electric charge”. 

The members of the WPC and the Qi standard are opening new worlds of services, products and markets.

See the WPC at the International Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Show (IHMRS) in New York, New York from November 8th through November 11th, 2014, booth 3124.

AT&T and Verizon Launch new Qi Phones

Posted on Tuesday 4 November 2014, by John Perzow

AT&T and Verizon Launch new Qi Phones

AT&T will make the Nokia mid-range flagship 830 available this Friday November 7 in the US.  This phone comes out-of-the-box with Qi built in.  It’s a beautiful phone with a fine camera, high-speed processor and lots of memory.   

Verizon is also launching a new Qi phone, the Motorola Droid Turbo.  This is a top-end phone with all the best features one could want. It runs a blazing 2.7 GHz quad-core processor, and with its 3900mAh battery, you can jump-start your car (kidding)—but it will last for several days of normal usage.  

The World’s First Resonant Charger that is Qi v1.1 Compliant

Posted on Monday 20 October 2014, by John Perzow

The World’s First Resonant Charger that is Qi v1.1 Compliant

On the heels of the WPC’s addition of two new transmitter topologies to the Qi standard in Beijing last month, ConvenientPower revealed the first products that utilize one of these designs.  A new Qi v1.1 transmitter topology, called the A27, enables ConvenientPower’s Tx R2 transmitter series that charge existing Qi phones at a distance of up to 20mm. When these transmitters are combined with a ConvenientPower receiver, the charging distance is increased to 30mm. 

This technology launch represents an important wireless charging breakthrough as consumers, automobile and furniture makers, hoteliers and restaurateurs have been looking for this flexibility.  Not only does increased charging distance enable new products, services and increased manufacturing flexibility, this innovation demonstrates the power of WPC’s co-opetition style of standards development.  When leading technology competitors agree to cooperate and collaborate with a common vision, good things happen for consumers and businesses alike.

  • ConvenientPower’s Tx-R2 platform embodies the following new features
    • Uses the latest Qi A-27 coil structure
    • Qi 1.1 compliant at 5mm
    • Enables charging existing Qi phones up to 20mm *
    • Enables  charging up to 30mm with ConvenientPower’s new receiver design
    • Adapts to charge continuously (dynamically) across its Z-distance range.
    • Charges a receiver that is up to 35 degrees off parallel
  • The Tx-R2 is a platform that combines superior user experience and design freedom for developers and manufacturers. The Tx-R2 platform is Qi-certifiable and demonstrates what is possible beyond the present Qi 1.1 ecosystem.

The Wireless Power Consortium is organized to inspire the best minds in the industry to work together and create a standard that brings real value.  The test of this approach is the resulting number and variety of products and services.  With more than 600 products and 34 types of transmitters, there is no doubt that the WPC is showing the way to a world without wires.

*Performance depends on Qi receiver.

Hospitality Industry Sees the Value of Qi Wireless Charging

Posted on Tuesday 7 October 2014, by John Perzow

Hospitality Industry Sees the Value of Qi Wireless Charging

It’s happened to everyone. You reach the restaurant, bus stop, hotel or aiport gate just as your phone battery is on its last leg. Panic sets in. We call that feeling battery anxiety.

The WPC is working to eliminate that battery anxiety, and earlier this week, Marriott installed Qi-compatible charging stations by Kube Systems in its newly redesigned great room lobbies in 29 U.S. hotel locations, making our goal one step closer to becoming a reality.

This rollout is important for wireless charging because it signals the adoption by the hospitality industry, a move that will help drive other hoteliers and restaurateurs to follow in their footsteps. Marriott recognized the value that wireless charging brings its guests and jumped on the opportunity to differentiate its brand with innovative technology.  Marriott technologists worked with Kube Systems to fine-tune the design and they chose Qi because it is the leading and most widely adopted standard.

Wireless charging in hotel environments not only opens the door to unique services only Qi can enable, but also a personalized in-room experience, simplified check-in and marketing for hotel customers. This is a big milestone and a sign of more to come.

With the rollout of Qi in hotels, soon your entire travel experience could be supported by wireless charging, from the bed-side charger, to the car, to the airport, and now to the hotel. With the implementation of wireless charging spots at every touch point in your life and travel, the fear of battery anxiety will be a forgotten worry, since your battery will always be full.

See Marriott’s press release that announces the deployment of Kube Systems and Qi wireless charging here: