Benefits of Joining Wireless Power Consortium

Qi is a safe investment

More than 200 other companies are explaining Qi to the market

  • lower marketing cost
  • lower distribution hurdle

No need to bundle chargers and receivers

  • lower product price point, higher sales volume

It is easy to differentiate your product

  • lower risk of commoditization
  • higher margins

IC, coils, shielding available from many different sources

  • lower product BOM due to competitive component market

OEM, ODM, engineering and test services available

Benefits of membership

Use the Qi logo at no additional cost

  • the Qi logo trademark license is available for members only

Participate in the review of specification updates

  • see draft specifications earlier

Test your prototypes against other member’s products

  • participate in our interoperability test events

Propose enhancements to the specification

  • you know a better way to do it?
  • note: enhancements must be compatible with current products!

Make it easy for potential customers to find you