How can I join the Wireless Power Consortium?

We have two types of membership: ‘regular’ and ‘associate’. The differences are explained on the page "Associate or Regular Membership"

The procedure for joing the consortium is:

Step 1: download the Wireless Power Consortium Agreement and decide whether your company agrees with the terms of this agreement.

Step 2: fill in Annex B (for regular membership) or Annex C (for associate membership), and have it signed by someone authorized to sign on behalf of your company. Here are copies of both forms:

Annex C - application form for associate membership

Annex C - application form for a small business (less than 10,000,000 USD annual revenues)

Annex C - application form for associate members with full access rights ("Full Members")

Annex B - application form for regular membership

Step 3: Send two paper copies with original signatures, by courier service, to

The Wireless Power Consortium
c/o IEEE-ISTO, attn. Rosalinda F. Saravia
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: +1-732-465-5843

Step 4: The Steering Group of the consortium decides the the approval of the membership application. This usually takes about two weeks for associate membership and will take longer for regular membership applications.

Step 5: The administrator will countersign the membership application, provided it is correctly filled in, and return one of the paper copies with original signatures. You are now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium.

Step 6: The financial administrator of the WPC, IEEE-ISTO, will send you an invoice for the membership fee. Please pay the invoice on time, otherwise your membership benefits will be suspended.

New members receive an invoice for membership until December 31. The first year membership fee depends on the month of joining the Wireless Power Consortium:

Month of joining the WPC associate members full members small business* regular members
January US$ 15,000 US$ 18,000 US$ 2000  US$ 20,000.00
February US$ 13,750 US$ 16,500 US$ 2000 US$ 18,333.33
March US$ 12,500 US$ 15,000 US$ 2000 US$ 16,666.67
April US$ 11,250 US$ 13,500 US$ 2000 US$ 15,000.00
May US$ 10,000 US$ 12,000 US$ 2000 US$ 13,333.33
June US$ 8,750 US$ 10,500 US$ 2000 US$ 11,666.67
July US$ 7,500 US$ 9,000 US$ 2000 US$ 10,000.00
August US$ 6,250 US$ 7,500 US$ 2000 US$ 8,333.33
September US$ 5,000 US$ 6,000 US$ 2000 US$ 6,666.67
October US$ 3,750 US$ 4,500 US$ 2000 US$ 5,000.00
November US$ 2,500 US$ 3,000 US$ 2000 US$ 3,333.33
December US$ 1,250 US$ 1,500 US$ 2000 US$ 1,666.67

*) A company that joins as small business must pay US$ 2000 for the first 12 month of membership. After 12 months, the small business pays the normal membership fee unless it certifies that it still qualifies for the discounted membership fee. The first invoice after the 12-month will be pro-rated, depending on the month of joining the WPC. See also the explanation on the differences between associate and regular membership.