Associate or Regular Membership

We have two types of membership: ‘associate’ and ‘regular’.

Associate membership

Associate membership will provide you (a) access to the Qi trademark license, (b) early access to draft versions of the specification, (c) the opportunity to influence the development of the specification by commenting on these draft specs, and (d) the possibility to participate in interoperability testing with product prototypes. The annual membership fee for associate members is US$ 15,000.-.

Drafts of a new specification (e.g. the medium power specification) are made available to associate members when the specification is complete and before interoperability testing of prototype products begins. The final draft of a specification is made available at least 4 weeks before the specification is formally approved. Editorial changes are allowed within the 4 week period, but new functionality will not be added after a final draft is made available to all members.

Revisions of existing specifications (e.g. the low power specification) are administrated in a change management system, Redmine. This change management system contain all issues reported about the specification, change proposals, and agreed solutions. Associate members have access to the change management system, can see all reported issues, and their solutions. These solutions are periodically implemented in a revision of the specification that is published on the website.

Associate membership with full access rights ("Full Members")

Associate members can participate in some of the technical meetings, but not all. Participation in the Low Power Work Group, for example, is not possible for associate members. For companies that want to particiapte in in all technical meetings, we offer so-called "Full Membership". Full Members may participate in meetings of all work groups and task forces, contribute to the activities of these work groups and task forces, and subscribe to all mailing lists, with the exception of (a) groups and mailing lists that operate by invitation only, and (b) committees of the Steering Group.

The annual membership fee for Full Members is US$ 18,000.-.

Associate membership for a small business

A small business, with annual revenues of less than 10,000,000 USD, can join the Wireless Power Consortium for a reduced membership fee of 2000 USD for the first 12 months. This lowers the hurdle of getting started with developing Qi products.

Read more about the membership options for small businesses.

Regular membership

Regular members are expected to make significantly higher investments of their own resources in terms of travel, participation in meetings, and in participation in prototyping and interoperability testing. The annual membership fee for regular members is US$ 20,000.-.

Regular members have voting rights and a seat on the board of the WPC ('steering group').

The consortium charter sets a maximum to the number of regular members, divided into profiles that each have their own maximum. See criteria for joining as regular member.

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